Prenatal Programs


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Baylor Scott & White Lakeway
– Labour and Delivery Unit


You have a baby on the way! There must be so much going on in your mind – joy, anticipation, curiosity… and it is normal to have lots of questions. Our prenatal program is designed to prepare you not just for the few hours of labour, but for the new life you are welcoming into your family, as well as the new life that you will be entering as parents.

This is one of the most complete prenatal class in Austin! What makes our classes so unique is that between the three instructors we have the experience of a Labor & Delivery Nurse, and NICU nurse, a Lactation Consultant and a Communication Educator, with almost 40 years of collective experience (but no, we are NOT old!)  Our classes are small, so that everyone has a chance to ask questions and discuss their concerns. Our program is very interactive, so no long lectures here! We use a variety of games, Q & A, videos, props, discussion and demos, to keep you riveted to our every word.

We even offer in-home visits after the baby’s arrival so that you continue to have support when you need it most.