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I honestly cannot say enough amazing things about Tanja. I have known her for over four years professionally. However, when I had my baby and had difficulty nursing, she was the first one I turned to. Her knowledge regarding breastfeeding and the troubles that comes to some mothers during their experience seems endless. She never gave up on me when I faced everything from low supply, a failure to thrive baby, tongue and lip ties, poor milk expression, triple feeding, exclusive pumping and going back to the breast from exclusive pumping. What is more impressive than her knowledge is her character. I have said this to her, and I am not sure if she believes me, but she is the best person I know. Her gentle and kind approach to helping a new mother is amazing. She did more than help me through breastfeeding issues, she helped me during a very difficult adjustment period of becoming a new mother. I honestly do not know what I would have done during those first few months if I would not have had Tanja's support. I am forever grateful!


So much of my breastfeeding success is due to Tanja! I began working with Tanja when my daughter was 2 weeks old and losing weight, not to mention that I was in severe pain! Tanja identified that my daughter had a lip tie, and because she is well connected in the "breastfeeding community" in Austin, Tanja was able to refer me to a great pediatric dentist. But Tanja didn't stop there, she followed up with me several times to see how we were doing -- she truly cares!

Tanja also offered suggestions for pumping as I returned to work, as well as how to manage my supply when my daughter began sleeping longer.

Tanja is patient, extremely knowable and incredibly encouraging. There were many times where I honestly didn't know if it would get better, but thanks to Tanja, it did get better! I had a very rocky start and because of her I am going on my 7th month of breastfeeding. Thank you Tanja!!


The wisdom you shared was exactly what our family needed. You helped me learn to trust my heart, and develop the skills to parent my children in a way that feels right to each of us. We use your ideas every day in our home, and feel so blessed to have found you. Please don't ever stop sharing your gift.


Tanja's calm, caring personality was just what we needed in order to get through the early days of breastfeeding. I am a first time mom and was very overwhelmed in the hospital after my daughter was born. Tanja is a wealth of knowledge and an expert at communicating with you in stressful and emotional situations. I have attended her breastfeeding support groups and they are an amazing way to connect with others and have your questions answered in an informal setting. Tanja, thank you so much for all of your advice and help through every stage of breastfeeding!


Taking this workshop was one of the best thing I’ve ever done for my family! I’ve gone to many parenting seminars but being able to put into practice what you learn each week makes such a difference. My kids open up to me so much more now. I wish I’d taken it years ago – but it’s so comforting to learn how to repair mistakes of the past, especially the roles we put our children in. An unexpected bonus – my husband & I communicate so much better now!


My son was born 6 weeks early, and he also was tongue and lip tied. After 5-6 weeks of breastfeeding struggles, I finally contacted Tanja and she was amazing. She helped us for several weeks, and helped through my sons laser treatments for his tongue and lip tie. She even helped us ween off the helpful (yet annoying) nipple shield. With her guidance my son started breastfeeding successfully and we are still going strong at 9 months. She was patient, and thoughtful, and continued to help us find different ways to help. If I ever had any questions, no matter how big or small, she would graciously answer my random texts and emails. We also attended her breastfeeding group, and it helped both my son and I. It was a great way to get out and interact with other moms, and it also really helped my son in his early days or learning to nurse. I was determined to breastfeed my son, and Tanja truly helped me do that! She makes you feel so comfortable, and keeps encouraging you even when you think it's not possible. Thank you so much Tanja!


Tanja, you are the best. Congrats on your web site. Brilliant idea. As far as the classes and your wisdom, makes a difference every day when interacting with my 3 kids. Having the knowledge is one thing, but being “in the zone” and applying it is key. Thank you for being such a good coach. The classes were fun, informative and very useful in the day to day of our busy life.


I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us. I was so down and had such a hard time seeing how things could ever get better. I am so thankful we happened upon you. You will forever have my thanks for helping us get to this point. I have tears in my eyes thinking how different things were yesterday morning before you came over. I am incredibly grateful

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